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Nanogrip® skis

Revolutionary waxfree skis for all skiing conditions exclusively from Peltonen.

Nanogrip® ski range 2013


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  • Nanogrip is a synthetic liquid material that is applied onto the whole length of a ski base.
  • Nanogrip is a glide wax and a grip wax at the same time and it is applied onto the ski already at Peltonen factory. 
  • Nanogrip is suitable for all recreational skiers. Compared to a waxed ski, only its gliding properties are slightly weaker. 
  • With its range +10°C…-20°C, Nanogrip is truly an all-round grip system. 
  • It is guaranteed that Nanogrip will hold its properties for at least 2000 km without a need for re-application. 
  • The ski’s grip and glide are provided and assured by Nanogrip material’s ability to control the amount of water in between the ski and the snow.

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